Online well-being questionnaires

Outcome Questionnaire
Uniti now allows our practitioners to configure and design online questionnaires.

Using the inbuilt questionnaire designer, allowing the practitioner to implement standard questionnaires or design and develop questionnaires relevant to the department.

We have the necessary control procedures to ensure that a client only receives the relevant questionnaire. Making sure that continual monitoring of progress is consistent throughout the interface between the client and practitioner.

This facilitates the application of standard industry recognised questionnaires such as the GAD-7 and the PHQ-9**. Completion of these questionnaires can be done online and in real-time with the client, instantly recording and displaying the results.

All the questionnaires are stored by the system for further analysis within Uniti's reporting section.

Using these questionnaires and results allows the practitioner to track clients response to treatment ensuring that they can deliver the best service available.

From a management reporting point of view, there is now the opportunity to gauge how well your department is providing the much needed service that it offers, how well your clients are responding to treatment and how well your department is aiding the university and it's client well being in further education.

**Permission to use these questionnaires must be obtained first.